Top Advantages of Steel Frame Construction in Canada

Steel frame construction is in vogue in Canada as the construction sector has rapidly evolved in the country. Steel detailing companies in Canada have made their presence felt, owing to the awareness in the sector that has outlined the advantages of using them.

Steel frame construction is mostly used for large structures like garages, warehouses, and high-rise buildings. They are now being used for developing offices, factories, public buildings and schools too!

The prime reasons for the huge increase in Canadian steel structures and wide proliferation of steel detailing in Canada are the immense durability of these structures, the cost-effectiveness involved, and the green sustainability factor inherent with these frameworks.

Structural steel components are easily fabricated off-site and dispatched to the construction site when needed, lowering labour requirements and minimizing impact of variables like harmful weather.

Advantages of Steel Frame Construction

  1. Strength & Durability

As mentioned above, structural steel components are known for their immense strength and durability. The fact that they are lighter compared to wood and other materials also proves to be a huge advantage. That said, their weight-bearing capacity is not affected, since steel fabrication is 30% to 50% lighter than wooden components with the same load bearing capacity. No wonder, steel frames win the game in matters of strength and durability.

  1. Easy Fabrication 

Steel frames are available in various sizes and compared to other materials, they can be easily fabricated based on specific orders. They can be personalized to handle specific loads in various kinds of structures too.

  1. Fire Resistance

Steel frame constructions are known for their fire-resistance thus safeguarding the building from large fires. These structures are normally coated with special flame retardants for enhancing structural steel sturdiness and capability.

  1. Moisture & Weather Resistance

Structural steel design in Canada is rampant because structural steel boasts of great moisture resistant properties. Most structures with hot zinc coating along with tailored powder treatments can also boost its inherent rust resistance. Steel detailing companies in Canada help in making these structures immune to water and harsh climates.

  1. Versatility

Structural steel is versatile enough to feature in various kinds of buildings featuring creative and innovative designs. Designers leverage the capability to develop structures that are aesthetically pleasing and soundly structured. They also allow architects to create towering buildings like the aircraft hangars, skyscrapers, bridges and many more structures. An added advantage in this regard, is that these structures can feature additions or modifications, in case of future expansion.

  1. Sustainability

Fabrication with computer modelling eliminates a lot of scrap steel during the production process. Steel is endlessly recyclable and its properties remain intact. They can be recast with the original qualities whereas scrap wood has minimal uses. This factor makes use of steel sustainable and an effort to go green.

  1. Safe and Secure

Steel is known for its tensile strength and hence it performs exceptionally well in case of natural qualities. As the structure becomes higher than before. structural steel frames can withstand explosions and impact better than other elements.

Steel detailing companies in Canada also ensure to use the same element to prevent fire risks that is going to worsen if wood is used. Steel is non-combustible, while its strength remains intact even with fire.


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Deciding on the best building material for your stairs can be a challenging task and while there is a wide range of options for getting that right aesthetic look, you may just want to check out the benefits of steel for the climb.


Be wood, concrete or steel, the highest and the strongest structures can fall and there is nothing we can do to escape natural catastrophes and dangers. However, it is always smart to select the most reliable option in order to eliminate future concerns of weakness and degradation over time which is commonly the issue with wood. So, whether you’re thinking about interior or exterior staircases, structural steel undeniably provides the ideal, sturdy and durable choice for the long run. The unmatched strength of steel coupled with widely available exquisite designs, steel becomes the natural choice for building staircases today.


If a structure requires high maintenance, the frustration of the cost, effort and time spent behind it, results in the beauty of any structure to fade and eventually turns out to be a burden. With maintenance being low, structural steel makes way for better utilization and investment of human resources and money. With the right coatings, steel is ideal for the long-rugged haul, as well as remains aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.


When it comes to staircases, durability becomes the primary focus and it is imperative that the building material used does not succumb to pests, heavy feet traffic and extreme weather conditions. With the correct additives, steel then becomes the ideal material that keeps the stairs from rust and corrosion and in turn protects you from investment drainage.


Steel outlives all! As time passes, the value of modern structural steel is widely realized and having a flight of stairs that is made of steel is priceless with its multiple benefits. The decades of peace of mind that comes with it, is a step closer to your dreams!

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Tekla Model Sharing VS Tekla Multi-User

The Tekla structure software has created a global flurry in construction productivity. This software has been nothing less than successful in overcoming the challenges faced by engineers in the field. The introduction of materials like structural steel in construction has widened the scope of construction, making space for experimentation. This has risen a need for a software such as Tekla, that can keep up with new ideas. Engineers now have the liberty to think outside the box and create the extraordinary.

Structural steel detailing done with this software reduces potential errors in the design, as it covers gaps that may make the construction weaker with relevant estimated costs. Modifications in the designs have now become much easier with the availability of such tools. With the utilization of Tekla’s model-sharing and multi-user options to the optimum, we gain the advantage to expedite the entire modeling and detailing process.

Tekla Model Sharing

Those who want to work on a structural design have no geographical restriction when they make use of model sharing.

A basic model that has been uploaded to the cloud database can be accessed by anyone from any part of the world. Designers can download a basic model by creating a valid Tekla account. Once downloaded, additions or changes can be made based on the designer’s perspective. The use of internet in model sharing is only required when downloading and uploading the model progress back into the cloud. Model sharing is advantageous to those who are in the field/workshop and wish to access the real time model. The people in the field might come across many changes that need to be implemented in the design immediately, which can be accomplished with model sharing.

Tekla Multi-User

Even though the multi-user tool has disadvantages of its own, such as the client/designers on field or the workshop, cannot access the original model, it still has several advantages up its sleeves.

When working on a huge project, the biggest plus-point is that multiple individuals can simultaneously work and complete the project in a short time frame effortlessly, without worrying about internet connection or its speed. Further, it facilitates work division, allowing engineers to look at the same thing in different perspectives. It also eliminates the scope of duplication and caters to an efficient structure build-up while also catalyzing the process of design. Finally, the multi-user interface has the special benefit of each work progress being saved on the main model.

The Choice

Tekla model sharing interface and Tekla multi-user interface is neutrally effective and exceptionally useful tools of design and could be a desginer’s best friend if put to use according to the need of the structure at hand. With an informed decision, the choice can never go wrong. Both model sharing and multi-user software are always accurate, reliable and detailed created by experienced designers who know and understand the real complexities of large-scale steel structural designing.