How Pre-Engineered Buildings Can Help You Go Green!


With the construction industry moving in a direction of sustainability, the design and building process is pre-engineered with green endeavors. In this race, the steel-framed buildings are gaining popularity and leading as an ultimate green structure with eco-friendly benefits. These structural steel design metal buildings are implemented with green materials that not only reduce environmental impact but can also be repeatedly recycled.

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Tekla Model Sharing VS Tekla Multi-User


The Tekla structure software has created a global flurry in construction productivity. This software has been nothing less than successful in overcoming the challenges faced by engineers in the field. The introduction of materials like structural steel in construction has widened the scope of construction, making space for experimentation. This has risen a need for a software such as Tekla, that can keep up with new ideas. Engineers now have the liberty to think outside the box and create the extraordinary.

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