Lecture Hall Structure.

  • Time frame: 45 days
  • Tonnage: 471
  • Project location: India


Ferramatrix and its team of structural steel designers envisaged this 3-storey building as a lecture hall, meant to host hundreds of people for different events and occasions. The structure is connected to an existing building with a seamless, robust walkway. The project consists of custom fabricated beams and columns with a simple geometry definition, intended to allow easy implementation for standard steel fabricators with adequate tonnage weight that could bear the load of the roof and floors. The absence of columns at the center is a tricky part since the support rests on columns at the sides. Keeping in view, a series of programmatic requirements and constraints, the structure honors the strength of the columns to keep the canopy secured. The project was completed within the short dead line of 45 days. Additionally, the team received the approval of drawings in the first submission itself.


The rationalized geometry approach conveyed the design in simple two-dimensional plans and elevations for clear visibility for those under the canopy along with minimal obstructions in view. Our design ensured clarity and precision of the lecture hall without the need for three-dimensional work point schedules or any electronic model.