School Building Structure.

  • Time frame: 40 days
  • Tonnage: 120
  • Project location: USA


Ferramatrix and its team was hired to design a school building in the US that formed a long L-shaped structure. The project involved structures that comprised of sloped truss members, catwalk structure, canopies, etc.. The scope of work required Ferramatrix to create 3D models with custom components using Tekla Structures and extract all drawings and reports for construction purposes.

The models and drawings were developed as per AISC & OSHA standards and based on structural design drawings inclusive of erection drawings and fabrication drawings.The 120 tonne-structure took 40 days to design and be delivered to fabricators.


The L-shaped geometry approach ensured high accessibility and movement of students across the school with a ground in between while ensuring steel fabricators develop a robust yet simple implementation of the school building.