Material Reports.

With Tekla’s intuitive reporting features, Ferramatrix and its team of structural detailing engineers ensure custom reports of developed models for small as well as large projects.

Our knowledge and expertise in leveraging Tekla software for drawings, reports, and other data stands us in good stead for easy change management. These reports are inclusive of drawing log, bolt list, and parts list, Assembly report, directly sourced from the model database. We leverage standard report templates and even modify existing report templates to suit specific client reporting needs.

We ensure accurate, intelligent and adaptable connections to fit all elements together and create all reports and fabrication data from the model in an automated manner. Even the bills of materials, process schedules and other related reports give insight into the structural details for all stakeholders. The proprietary formats for the reports include txt, docx, xlsx, etc. These custom reports can be shared with production, erection and logistics teams too.

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