Storage Yard Building Structure.

  • Timeframe: 25 days
  • Tonnage: 90
  • Project location: USA


Ferramatrix and its team were assigned the task to design the structural frame in steel for a storage yard building that led to the engineering, fabrication, painting and implementation with 90 tonnes of steel. The storage yard worked as a warehouse building for housing goods for a company, hence was developed without supporting beams and columns in the middle.

The scope of work involved the team to create model steel elements using Tekla Structures and to extract drawings and reports for the resulting construction of steel structures. The models and drawings adhered to AISC, AWS & OSHA requirements. The project deliverables included a large number of erection drawings and fabrication drawings with a feature for generating reports like ABM, B.O.M, Bolt list, Stud list & dxf.


The storage yard served as a perfect canopy for housing manufactured goods as inventory while with a strong rooftop and support with steel members at the edges.