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Our Structural Detailing Services encompass drawings and 3D models of almost all types of structures. Our ability to extend reliable, accurate and economical services for clients has helped us establish a strong reputation in the field.

Our consistent use of technologies such as Tekla Structures (Xsteel) allows us to develop 3D Models with unmatched accuracy, impeccable quality, and intricate details, compared to conventional detailing methods used in the market. Additionally, we attend to the needs of several industrial, commercial and residential structural steel detailing requirements, tailoring our deliverables to the tee to each project needs.

Our constant communication with clients and embracing of good “old school” processes for better representation, we continue to offer unparalleled detailing services for several projects.

What We Provide

Erection Drawings

Ferramatrix is an ideal company offering comprehensive erection drawings. We host a highly skilled detailer team that delivers erection drawings with impeccable quality, stringent precision and aligned latest standards.

The drawings clearly reveal the location and position of various assemblies of a specific structure and quite useful to personnel in the field.

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Assembly Drawings

Assembly drawings created by Ferramatrix presents comprehensive details of individual parts arrangement in a fixed formwork unit. The drawings consist of items and consumables along with data on required sizes and labels for elevations.

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Part Drawings

The ease of interpretation of an efficient part drawing sets the tone of architectural success for any project. Part drawings are links to structural design processes and a strong communication tool for all stakeholders.

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Material Reports

With Tekla’s intuitive reporting features, Ferramatrix and its team of structural detailing engineers ensure custom reports of developed models for small as well as large projects.

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What clients love about FerraMatrix

Our technicians and structural engineers analyze projects with thorough groundwork with professionalism. Having handled structural detailing projects of varying complexities with ease and efficiency, Ferramatrix has been instrumental in the creation of landmark structures and magnificent edifices. We proactively collaborate to execute structural detailing projects with finesse and flawlessness, time and again.

Our projects span industrial plants, infrastructural facilities, Sheds, commercial and residential buildings and many more. Additionally, we continue to follow our tried-and-tested quality control system to create accurate representations and eliminate inconsistencies.

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